Jane Austin

In the stunt world, its more than just who you know — its how you know them. Lott has a reputation extending from Hollywood studio lots to Georgia film sets as an extreme safety expert. When he signs on as a safety stunt coordinator, insurance companies consider him a desired liability because of his safety record. While hes performed and rigged stunts from high falls to explosions to pirate ship cannon battles, his safety record after more than two decades in the industry remains 100 percent. Thats no accident.


Lott knows what its like to be the one in the line of fire. He got his start doing shoot outs in an old west theme parks live shows before breaking into the film industry with a role on The Quick and the Dead, where he earned his SAG-AFTRA card. By the time Lott walked on set, he was ready for anything having had experience hang gliding, scuba diving, driving motocross, desert racing, drag racing (motorcycle and car), and in rodeo. And that was on top of his engineering and construction industry background.


He was the right fit for the job and quickly transitioned to being a full-time stuntman. Now, Lott has gone on to coordinate, rig and perform stunts in blockbusters ranging from Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides to Divergent to Titanic. He also holds the distinction of being the double who gets kicked out of a window in the action sequence at the end of Rush Hour 2 — a 170-foot fall onto the roof of a taxi. Even Jackie Chan asked, how did you do that?


Lotts experience as an actor, double, head rigger, assistant coordinator and coordinator on TV series and features of all budget ranges has taught him that theres no such thing as problems in stunts. There are only solutions. In fact, when Lott saw the need in the industry, he developed the patented formula for the companys patented FIREGEL.